Sarah Maury Swan, like most authors, feels she was born to write. Growing up, she submitted her homework in story form any chance she could. She kept her itch to write alive when she was through with school by writing for databases and editing, but the story-telling urge was never forgotten. She also wrote or edited various newsletters for her volunteer organizations. But then along came a mouse who hid in Sarah’s horse barn’s trash can and took a ride in a truck to the end of the property. When Sarah lowered the tail gate to set the can by the side of mailboxes, she watched the poor creature do a spread-eagle dive off the end of the gate. He raced back into a horse pasture and headed back to the barn. How could Sarah not write a story about the mouse’s adventure? Unfortunately, Christopher’s journey has never seen the light of day, but Sarah is sure she’ll get back to it soon.

Since then, other stories and articles have appeared in magazines and online. And in 2015 her first novel, Terror’s Identity was published, followed by Emily’s Ride to Courage in 2018. The first chapter of each novel placed in the Carteret Writers’ Annual Contest, 2014 edition. Sarah is currently working on three picture books, a bread-making cookbook, and two novels.

  • Sarah is an animal lover, especially dogs, horses and cats.
  • Sarah loves talking with children.
  • Sarah loves helping other writers with their writing.
  • Sarah loves learning from other writers.
  • Sarah is a voracious reader.
  • Sarah loves to tell stories.

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