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About Sarah‚Äč

Sarah Maury Swan now has three books to her credit. For more details see the Books Block. People frequently ask her if she's always been a writer. Yes, she has, but she only started trying to get published about sixteen years ago. The stories keep coming to her, so what else should she do but write them down? Try it yourself. Sarah's sure you have a story or two to tell.

Her first book, Terror's Identity, came to her after the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City when people started equating terrorism with being a Muslim. But that's not true, is it? Sadly,there are a lot of people in the U.S. who still don't trust someone they think to be Muslim.

Her second book, Emily's Ride to Courage, came about after she and her husband had to put a young horse down because he was incurably lame. The character of Grandpa spoke in Sarah's ear: "Won't have me no white-hoofed horse. One white hoof, maybe. Never no four white hooves. They's weak." Well, Sarah doesn't write for grownups, so she made up Emily.

Her third book, Earthquakes, is partly based on Sarah's young life and the interesting things that happened to her mother. People kept telling Sarah that she should write her mother's story, but how is she to do that? She's not her mother.

Sarah vows that her next books will be the picture books she's written.

Feel free to contact her at [email protected]